25 - 28 June, 2024

Stockholm | Sweden

25 - 28 June, 2024

Stockholm | Sweden

Conference Information

To Be Announced.

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Get the Conference Mobile App

The Conference4me smartphone app provides you with the most comfortable tool for planning your participation in ecc24. Browse the complete program directly from your phone or tablet and create your very own agenda on the fly.

The app is available for Android and iOS Phone devices. To download the mobile app, click the button below or type “conference4me” in Google Play or iTunes App Store.

Rooms Location and Codes

Conference rooms are labeled by an initial letter denoting the building where they are located (C for the Continental, P for Centro Congressi Partenope and R for Royal), a number denotes the floor in that building where the room is located and is followed by the room name, e.g. P-3-Sala A3 indicates the room named “Sala A3” which is located on floor 3 of the Centro Congressi Partenope.

Visit the maps webpage for further info on rooms locations.

Conference rooms at Hotel Royal Continental (Royal building) are listed in the following table.

Room code with name Location
R-0-Partenope Ground floor
R-0-Giardino Ground floor
R-1-Angioina First floor
R-1-Capuana First floor
R-10-Posillipo 10th floor

Registration Desk

The Registration and Information Desk will be located at the Hotel Royal Continental (Continental building, ground floor),  just outside the Auditorium (room C-0-Auditorium).

Please collect your Conference bag and name badge on arrival. The name badge stands for a pass in all conference sessions, coffee breaks and the welcome cocktail reception.

Tuesday 25th June 07:30-19:00
Wednesday 26th June 07:30-19:00
Thursday 27th June 07:30-19:00
Friday 28th June 07:30-19:00

Coffee Breaks

There will be two sites for coffee breaks during the conference. One will be located by the Registration Desk area on the ground floor of the Continental building (C), just outside the Auditorium (room C-0-Auditorium), the other at the “Refreshment area” located on the first floor of the Partenope Congress Center (next to room P-1-Aula Magna).

There are two coffee breaks scheduled during conference days: one in the morning from 9:30 until 10:00 and one in the afternoon from 15:30 until 16:00. Make sure you wear your name badge during all breaks and while participating to the conference.

Lunch breaks are scheduled from 12:00 until 13:30. Lunches are not included in the conference fee. A large number of restaurants are available within walking distance from the Conference site mostly located along the seafront or opposite beneath Castel dell’Ovo. Other restaurants are available in Via Santa Lucia behind the conference site. For further information on the available options please feel free to ask at the Registration Desk.